What are the main SkipsoLabs platform integrations?


by Carlo Soresina on July 12, 2017 09 08


As you’ve probably already figured out, the newest and most successful innovations and the most valuable stakeholders are going to push your company to the next level. Now, you just need the right platform or software to find them and get organized. You’ve come to the right place.

SkipsoLabs’ platform integrations foster global innovation by providing the best enterprise innovation software solutions, bringing end-to-end innovation processes into a single tool. We can help your company exploit the creativity of employees, customers, and stakeholders to track down and co-create solutions for the most challenging questions and problems.

SkipsoLabs Platform Integrations

When considering SkipsoLabs, you may ask yourself this question: "How can we integrate the SkipsoLabs platform with our existing tools?” or maybe you’re thinking: “We already have a reliable system, but we need more. We understand that calling it quits on systems that you’ve used forever can be difficult, but with us, you don’t have to retire them. We understand that your organization relies on different external inputs to function properly.

This blog will answer your question and explain how the platform can be fully integrated into your entire operation without giving up your current systems.

We offer two methods of integration of our platform:

  1. Free flow of data
  2. Full integration into a company’s existing website

The free flow of data

The free flow of data is the integration of the SkipsoLabs platform with 2 types of technologies, for example, external systems and external input.

One example of external systems are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools like Salesforce. This software provides us with an interface for case management and task management, however, it isn’t an innovation management tool. It automatically reroutes and escalates essential functions, allowing clients to track their cases. Therefore, manual updates are unnecessary because all information is synced automatically.  It also has a social networking plugin that lets users join in on social networking websites. Analytical tools and services such as email alert, Google search, and access to customer documents are also available. With the  integration of SkipsoLabs and Salesforce, you can manage the flow of communication and “push” and “pull” data, which help you easily transfer information between softwares.

An example of external input used with our platform is company intelligence databases. These can include Crunchbase, Mattermark, and CB Insights. These databases help gather, organize, and disseminate data within the SkipsoLabs platform. Additional proprietary information can also be merged and managed through granular privacy settings. The collaboration of these external data sources and your internal intelligence can create a very powerful database.

These systems help us establish the input and output of data, allowing you to input data in one spot and be assured that it will be copied to the other platform. It creates a seamless transition between multiple sources and almost any software application with an API (Application Program Interface) can be integrated into the SkipsoLabs platform.



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Integrating SkipsoLabs with your current website

Integrating SkipsoLabs into an existing website means that any link on your page related to SkipsoLabs will be ‘masked’, customized to your look and feel. Therefore, your users will not know that they are currently on the SkipsoLabs platform.

For example, when a client goes to your site, clicks on the link “take the challenge” for your innovation contest, they will be taken to the challenge page, which looks like your original site, but is the Skipsolabs platform.

Platform & Development Approach

Our innovation management software is entirely managed, hosted and supported by our team. That means you don’t need to hire additional and expensive IT resources or developers. We continuously build, customize, manage, and maintain the platform. Also, as your platform evolves, you can unlock additional features, allowing the platform to scale with you. We want to make your platform as valuable as possible, and we will work closely with you to implement and improve its daily functionality.

In addition to the core open call/innovation management application, we can integrate a complete Marketplace module with profiling and matchmaking functionality. That also includes the integration of additional modules (e.g. Blog, Content Library, About pages), all easily configurable and manageable from your dedicated backend system. They provide a great user experience for all stakeholders involved (administrators, innovators/teams, judges, and mentors).

Lastly, a cloud environment is also put in place and managed to host your application, allowing us to support peaks in traffic load. The data is also securely stored and backed up on a daily basis.

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A branded, customized, and fully-managed solution

We offer a multi-tenant solution that is unique in the innovation market and supports diverse environments. Every tenant can manage multiple open calls and innovation challenges in an environment that allows them to run numerous, connected platforms that share data. It even functions on geographically distributed platforms, requiring different degrees of admin access and customization.

This is what you can look forward to after integrating our platform:

  • A complete, standalone website customized to meet your needs
  • An integrated solution to manage your online presence: content management system, competition management module, blog and events, community and user management, payments, etc.
  • A private admin console with an SSO (single sign-on) using existing company credentials to manage your whole platform, content, community, and open calls with a straightforward and intuitive interface
  • A team of professionals ready to support you throughout the entire process

What are the benefits?

In order to continue having successful business operations, your company should have an end-to-end innovation management software. By doing this, not only can you save money and boost productivity, but also obtain:

  • Operation efficiency
  • Refined visibility
  • Cutbacks on IT needs
  • Cutbacks on costs
  • Improved innovation performance

The benefits of having an integrated platform are many. SkipsoLabs can help transform the way your company runs by integrating a branded and fully managed incubator platform that intends to help you:

  • Map out your assets

Map out all your assets and resources in order to foster collaboration.

  • Monetize

Launch sponsored open calls and innovation competitions.

  • Save time, money, and resources

You can innovate faster by tapping into thousands of innovators, which means that there is no need to hire IT resources to manage your platform.

  • Data ownership

With our turnkey solutions, we maintain the platform, and you own the data. Everything remains private and secure, and our experienced team will take care all of the time-consuming tasks.


SkipsoLabs can help you to implement a customized web application, fully branded in the branding guidelines provided. In this multi-tenant environment, we can reassure you that everything is easily accessible and secure, and we guarantee that each application can be integrated into the main website. Every key module and feature can be customized to meet your every need and requirement.  

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to integrate the SkipsoLabs platform? If you want to know more, ask for a demo or send us a message. We want to help you find the right solutions!

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